Controlling Fleas And Ticks


Fleas and ticks usually attach themselves to the fur and skin of pets, and they make the pets uncomfortable due to their tendency to suck blood and bite the pets. When this happens, the pets are always seen to be scratching itself because it feels irritated by the pests and it is therefore difficult for it to relax and enjoy your company especially when you are trying to play with it. It is, therefore, necessary that you should try as much as possible to protect your pet dog from the pests which will only make it uncomfortable all the time. The following are some ways that are useful when you want to control pests so that they do not affect your pet.

The first one is to make sure that you have a plan for cleaning the pet which you stick to. You can decide to be washing it after about two days in normal occasions while you wash it every other time after you go out with it. This is because it might have got in contact with other pets and some fleas or ticks attached themselves to its coat. Washing it when you get home is therefore important, and it should happen immediately before the pet enters the house or its cage. This is to avoid any scenario where the pests now spread into your home and become a bigger problem. Visit this site here!

The second method is by use of sprays where you mix a good amount of pesticide with some water and then spray the pet’s coat directly. Make sure that you pay attention to the critical area where pests are known to hide. Such places include the ears, under the neck as well as where the legs join the pet’s body. You can use hand gloves to spread the pesticide into all those hidden places on the pet’s body to ensure that the pests are maximally removed. To read more on how to control ticks and fleas, visit

Lastly, you should also develop the tendency of cleaning the pet’s sleeping cage now and then to eliminate pests before they get the opportunity to breed and get out of control. The most opportune time to wash and spray the cage is when you are also cleaning the pet and spraying it with pesticide. This will ensure that the pet gets to sleep in a clean place that is free from pests after you also clean and spray it. It will keep the problem of pests under control and prevent them from becoming a menace. Visit website at for more info!


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